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EVlink Wallbox

EVlink Wallbox

Extensive choice

  • Rated charging power: 3.7, 7.4 or 22.1 kW
  • Availvable with T2 socket outlet (with or without shutter) or attached cable (with T1 or T2 connector)
  • Heavy duty socket outlet with silver plated contacts to avoid overheating
  • Station identification, maintenance records and many other services available via Shneiders CStracker App


  • Highly robust to mechanical impact: IK10
  • Suitable for outdoor use: IP54

Easy to use

  • "Plug and charge"
  • One-touch stop/restart
  • Attached cable rolled up around the Wallbox

Energy managements

  • Delayed start allowing off-peak hours charging only
  • Temporary current limitation (from 16 A to 10 A or from 32 A to 16 A)
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