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Domestic RHI Heat Meters

Heat meters tend not to be discussed too often in regards to heat pump installations. Heat Pump systems integrating a Back Up Fossil Fuel Boiler are only just beginning to gain popularity, so heat meter + heat pump installations in regards to the Domestic RHI are a fairly small percentage of overall heat pump installations. It is true to say that the vast majority of customers will not need a heat meter in order to qualify for the Domestic RHI as their payments will be deemed by an Energy Performance Certificate as with Solar Thermal. With this said, there are a number of instances, where a heat meter will be a requirement in order to qualify for the Domestic RHI;

1.) If your customer has back up heating in the form of a fossil fuel boiler (Oil, LPG or Gas) they will always require a heat meter in order to ascertain exactly which portion of their heating is being delivered by the heat pump or the 'renewable part'. However, there are forms of 'back up heating' which are excluded from this, such as, Solar thermal, which will contribute to their domestic hot water requirements, and any back up heating which is used to heat a single room such as an open fire or a plug in electric heater. Immersion heaters and supplementary electric back up heaters (like the kind included as standard in our LG Therma-V air source heat pump equipment) are also excluded from requiring metering on a standalone heat pump install.

2.) If your customers property is a self or custom build i.e. it has never been owned by an organisation or developer prior to them moving in, as a standard, their are eligible for the Domestic RHI. It is important to note however that when they come to apply for the DRHI, if they have lived in their house for less than 183 days (6 months) they will be required to have a heat meter installed in order to be eligible for the scheme. Inversely, if they have occupied the property for 183 days prior to application, the energy requirements of the property will be deemed and as such, no meter will be required. Second homes and tenanted properties, which a landlord expects to be empty for six months a year, are also included in this requirement for a heat meter.

3.) Slightly off topic, but still relevant to heat meters, if your customer has a biomass boiler, which doesn't heat their entire property, they will also require a heat meter. 

Solfex Energy Systems stock and have access to a complete range of European Manufactured, Glycol compatible and most importantly Domestic RHI suitable heat meters for many applications. 

Call today to discuss your heat meter needs on 01772 312 847 or email heatpumpsales@solfex.co.uk

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