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Lambda Light

Lambda Light


Flexible modular system

With the Lambda Light system multiple rows of modules can be connected to each other. The Lambda Light has a standard pitch of 15°.1 The pitch of 15° allows minimum ballast with an optimum of profit. The Lambda Light is installed in a composite of at least 10 m². Modules can be arranged flexibly in landscape installation.

Optimal adaptability

The clever low ballast standard system has been specifically developed for use on industrial buildings with low admissible additional loads. 

Rapid installation

All components are designed for easy installation. The established Quickstonetechnology, pre-assembly and a clever product design with a low number of overall parts all add up to minimal installation time and the necessity of very few tools.

Static reliability

Mounting Systems’ service includes a static verification of all configurations offered.1 On demand2, an official verifiable static calculation is available. Aerodynamic studies in the development of the Lambda Light have proven: the system is safe despite the minimum of ballast.

Maximum service life

All components are made of either aluminium or stainless steel. Their high resistance to corrosion guarantees maximum service life and full recyclability.


Lambda Light

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