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The stratified combined tank of series “Flowmax” is designed for DHW production and accumulation of heating water. To the big storage tank various heating system can be connected such as gas or fuel boiler, woodchips and pellet boilers. Outside the tanks are protected by rustproof paint. The domestic hot water (DHW) is produced instantaneously through a stainless steel (AISI 316 L) corrugated tube exchanger. The big diameter of the tube creates a small tank inside and the large surface allows the instantaneous production of high quantities of DHW. The stratification plate inside the tank, the stratifying device and flow deflectors on every inlet and outlet provide optimum conditions for stratifying the temperature. This highly developed construction allows to collect the water at the most appropriate temperature in the different points. The versions “Flowmax R1 and Flowmax R2” with high efficient coils are especially designed for solar systems. The insulation of soft polyurethane with a PVC cover is delivered separately and available in various colours.

Warranty: 5 years


1.   Biomass boiler inlet 1"½ 10.    Sensor for heating and solar systems ½"
2.   Inlet for other heating sources 1"½ AS    Solar system inlet 1"
3.   Electrical resistance 1"½ RS    Solar system return 1"
4.   Wood boiler return 1"½ D1    Diameter without insulation  
5.   Return of the room heating system 1"½ D2    Diameter with insulation  
6.   Gas or fuel boiler inlet 1"½ SF    Upper connection for solar sensor ½"
7.   Inlet to the room heating system 1"½ SU    Under connection for solar sensor ½"
8.   Gas or fuel boiler return 1"½ AF    Inlet cold water 1"
9.   Return other heating sources 1"½ AC    Outlet hot water 1"

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