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Eco-Flow Multifuel

Eco-Flow Multifuel

Combined stratified tank Eco-Flow Multifuel for instantaneous hot water production and room heating. For the instantaneous hot water production, and no danger of legionella, a special design heat exchanger denominated Eco-Flow Multifuel is applied. Eco-Flow Multifuel is available in sizes from 7,6 m² to 11,4 m².
Eco-Flow Multifuel is constructed with 2 oval formed smooth tubes of stainless steel 32 x 16 mm connected in parallel. This form and its construction allow a turbulent flow and a very efficient and rapid hot water production even when the tank has a low temperature.
These characteristics make the Eco-Flow Multifuel capable for heating systems with heat pumps and low temperature boilers.
The insulation of soft polyurethane, CFC free, with a PVC cover ready for assembly is delivered separately with all necessary accessories. The PVC cover is available in various colours.

Warranty: 5 years


1.   Biomass boiler inlet 1"½ 11.    Sensor for heating and solar systems ½"
2.   Inlet for other heating sources 1"½ AS    Solar system inlet 1"
3.   Electrical resistance 1"½ RS    Solar system return 1"
4.   Inlet of under floor heating system 1"½ SF    Upper connection for solar sensor
5.   Second electrical resistance 1"½ SU    Under connection for solar sensor ½" 
6.   Return of the room heating system 1"½ D1    Diameter without insulation  
7.   Gas or fuel boiler inlet 1"½ D2    Diameter with insulation
8.   Inlet to the room heating system 1"½ AC    Inlet cold water 1
9.   Gas or fuel boiler return 1"½ AF    Outlet hot water 1

10.  Wood boiler return


Eco-Flow Multifuel

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