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The accumulators of series “PSR2” are produced of quality steel for accumulation of heating water. They save the energy provided by gas or fuel boiler and minimise the starts of the burner, balance the energy production from wood, woodchips and pellet boilers.
The buffer tank type PSR2 is employed for solar system heating plants and is provided with two specific coils.
Outside the tanks are protected by rust-proofing paint.
The insulation of soft polyurethane with a PVC cover is delivered separately and available in various colours.

Warranty: 3 years



1.   Wood boiler inlet 1"½ 9.      Sensor for heating and solar systems  ½"
2.   Inlet for other heating sources 1"½ 10     Electrical resistance 1"½
3.   Wood boiler return 1"½ AS    Solar system inlet 1"
4.   Return other heating sources 1"½ RS    Solar system return
5.   Gas or fuel boiler inlet 1"½ D1     Diameter without insulation
6.   Inlet to the room heating system 1"½ D1     Diameter with insulation 
7.   Return of the room heating system 1"½    
8.   Gas or fuel boiler return 1"½    

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