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MESB Multi Energy Solar Buffer

MESB Multi Energy Solar Buffer


The MESB is an innovative solution for hot water generation and heating support. The thermal energy is distributed to radiators and floor heating systems by up to two attachable heating circuit groups.
Vital and healthy water is heated up in the FHWM-30.

  1. Low-temperature heating circuit connection (G1 ET)
  2. High-temperature heating circuit connection (G1 ET)
  3. Sensor pockets
  4. Fresh water station connections (G1 ET)
  5. Solar station mounting (G1 ET)
  6. Solar heat exchanger connections (G1 ET)
  7. Buffer connection bashings (G6/4 ET)
  8. Aeration
  9. Buffer tank
  10. Drain
  11. Heat pump connection (G6/4 ET)
  12. (only for MESB 1000 l)
The SOLFEX fresh water system tank is a comprehensive heating system solution which is hydraulic and electric ready-for-connection. A heating source independent layered buffer tank, patented hygienic hot water generation and integrated high and low-temperature heating circuit groups all combined in one aligned system.
Required space:
  • optimized use of space and pleasing design
  • continuous heating of water prevents the formation of legionella
  • quick and easy installation and starting up.
  • no piping necessary for hot water storage
  • the patented temperature control guarantees constant hot water temperatures and prevents limescale furring
  • high quality and long lifespan
  • integrated bare-tube heat exchanger with high transmission capacity
  • optimized layering due to partition plates and
  • heating circuit groups
  • automated system deaeration
  • optimized insulation, including flexible foam rings for pipe connections
Optimally combinable with various heating systems:
• solar thermal  • pellet burners    

• heat pumps    • gas burners     
• wood burners • oil burners

MESB Multi Energy Solar Buffer

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