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Hygienic sol XL

Hygienic sol XL

The multifunctional boilers of series “Hygienic sol XL” are conceived for domestic hot water (DHW) production in connection with traditional heating systems and solar installations. Up to 1000 litres the internal treatment is double glass enamelled coating according to DIN 4753, from 1500 litres the internal treatment is SINTERFLON coating. Both types are delivered with a magnesium anode for best protection against corrosion. There are 3 versions: one flange version F1, two flanges version F2 and three flanges version F3. The flanges are meant for installing heat exchangers such as finned copper exchanger or stainless steel bundle exchanger. The multifunctional cylinders are also perfectly suitable to be connected with external plate exchanger. Like this the exchange surface can perfectly be adapted to the needed power of different energy sources (gas, oil boilers, wood or wood pellet boilers and to solar collectors plants). This series is especially suitable for heating systems with big thermal power and large solar systems. Insulation: PU hard foam insulation CFC free 50 mm, direct injected, for the models up to 500 litres; PU soft foam insulation CFC free 100/125 mm, delivered separately, for the models from 750 litres; The external cover
of PVC is available in various colours.

Hygienic sol XL with normal anode from 150 to 1000 lt included - 5 years
Hygienic sol XL with normal anode from 1500 to 5000 lt included - 3 years
Hygienic sol XL with electronic anode for all litrages - 5 years


1.   Free disposal 1"½ 8.      Connection for sensor ½"
2.   Free disposal 1"½ S       Connection for sensor ½"
3.   Free disposal 1"½ FL1    Flange 300 mm for heating exchanger ø300 - ø210
4.   Free disposal 1"½ FL2    Flange 300 mm for heating exchanger ø300 - ø210 
5.   Outlet hot water 1" FL3    Flange 300 mm for heating exchanger ø300 - ø210 
6.   Inlet cold water 1" D1     Diameter without insulation  

7.   Inlet cold water

Up to 1000 litres the connection is 1” 1/4
From 1500 litres the connection is 1” 1/2

  D2     Diameter with insulation  

Hygienic sol XL

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