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Grandis 600 HK

Grandis 600 HK

Controller available in OEM-branding.

illuminated LCD graphic display with intuitive user menu

  • Digital HEATING / Solar ControllerReady for high efficiency pumps 
  • 8 outputs 230V AC Temperature difference controller  
  • Multifunction controllers inside 
  • Multiple solar- and heating diagrams
  • Fresh water preparation
  • 2 mixed heating circuits 
  • Internet connection (conexio webmodul)
  • Micro SD-card
  • Prozeda Data Bus (ProBus) 

Major functions

  • Control of up to 2 mixed or unmixed heating circuits, exterior temperature controlled, with automatic boiler demand
  • Control of fresh water (DHW) preparationMultiple solar circuit diagrams1-2 collector arrays, 1-2 storage tanks
  • Basic schemes are extensible in application ofmulti function controllers, user-defined attribution,multiple use of in- and outputs possible
  • 8 Multifunction controllers, included functions:
  • Heating, cooling, temperature difference
    control, wood-burning boiler, temperature
    controlled circulation, time controlled circulation, timer, logic linking, threshold switch, alarm, increase return flow, hot water reheating, 24 adjustable time slots
  • Manual operation
  • Real time clock 
  • System protection 
  • Collector protection 
  • Anti-freeze protection
  • Recooling function 
  • Recording solar radiation
  • Energy yield measurement (Flow meter, VFS)  
  • Target temperature charging 
  • Drain-Back   
  • RPM control
  • Sensor monitoring 
  • Flow monitoring
  • Tube collector with adjustable enable time slot
  • Intelligent primary and secondary charging 
  • Parallel function of pumps 
  • Parallel loading storage tanks  
  • “Shut off pool” Storage tank could be disabled
  • Acoustical error indications 
  • "Bypass" function 
  • "External heat exchanger" function 
  • Data logging with recording function
  • System specific parameter setup 
  • Firmware update 
  • Networking of controllers
  • Remote visualisation (conexio webmodul) 
  • Remote control (conexio webmodul)  
  •  7 electronic outputs 230V/AC
  • 1 potential free relay output
  • 3 electronic control outputsPWM and 0-10V analogue 
  •  10 temperature inputs for PT1000 sensors
  • 1 input for flow transmitter
  • 1 input for radiation sensor 
  • 2 interfaces for Grundfos VFS
  • 1 Micro-SD card slot
  • 1 Prozeda data bus interface 
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