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Functionality Hardware:
Mechanical Data:
  • Variable design housing approx. 175 x 135 x 50mm
  • LCD Display with pictograms, with Backlight
  • Centralized operation with 4 pressure keys
  • 1 Electronic output 230V/AC 1A, Cos.= 0,9; with zero crossing switch, fuse protection 2A/MT - Pump speed control

  • Connection: Connectors grid 5,0mm

  • 3 Temperature sensor inputs for PT1000 sensors
  • Connection: Connectors grid 5,0mm
  • Functionality Software:


Functionality Software:
  • Solar circuit control by temperature difference controller
  • Collector protection
  • System protection
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Re-cooling function (holiday mode)
SOLAREG II Specifications C-CB1

Electronic temperature differential controller (sensing control), 3 inputs, 1 output, independently mounted, continuous operation

System Layout Schematic

1 Collector, 1 Storage Tank

  • 1 pcs. Controller device, sequential packing
  • 1 pcs. User manual, English
  • 2 pcs. PT1000 Store Sensors PVC, 2,0m
  • 1 pcs. PT1000 Collector Sensor Silicon, 1,5m


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