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PEXLINE 5 layer

PEXLINE 5 layer

SOLFEX energy systems PEXLINE Underfloor heating pipe is an ultra-high quality, safe & reliable European manufactured product with a service life of 50 years, using the latest manufacturing techniques and industry know how the pipe work is constructed using FIVE layers in total; cross linked polyethylene, adhesive, EVOH gas-diffusion oxygen barrier, adhesive, cross linked polyethylene.

The layers of adhesive bind the two layers of cross linked polyethylene to the central oxygen barrier layer by a thermal reaction; the oxygen barrier layer is right in the centre of the pipe wall which prevents it being damaged from foot  traffic during installation.


Feature and benefits of PEXLINE
range of Underfloor heating pipe:

  • PEXLINE pipe manufactured according to EN ISO 15875
  • EVOH layer oxygen barrier in accordance with DIN 4726
  • Operational range - 90°C max @ 6 bar, constant temperature 70°C, max peak 100°C.
  • Easy to handle, lightweight & flexible allowing easy bending & Curving into the tightest of spaces and insulation boards
  • Highly durable and robust under harsh installation conditions – EVOH oxygen barrier protected in central core
  • Pipe markings every meter displaying number of linear meters from beginning of roll aiding installation, other relevant technical information also indicated every linear meter
  • 10 year insurance backed warranty
  • Sizes available Ø – 10x1.3mm, 12x2mm, 16x2mm & 20x2mm




PEXLINE 5 layer

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