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Prestige Solar Thermal Packaged Solutions

Prestige Solar Thermal Packaged Solutions

All our solar thermal packs are designed for maximum system efficiency and are sized to meet current building codes of practice and the needs of the property; only market leading components are used giving unparalleled system performance and warranties.

Our solar thermal packs are delivered with all necessary components including 1st & 2nd fix pipework

and connection fittings pack to make your installation as smooth and trouble free as possible.

To make better use of your time. Collectors, flashing kits, mounting rails and first fix pipe work can all be delivered to site first to enable you to get the roof work completed as soon as possible; with other components arriving on site only when actually required to enable system completion.


Market Leading Unrivalled Warranty on Solar Thermal Collectors 

Quite simply SOLFEX energy systems supply the highest quality engineered & performing Solar Thermal Products on the market and our warranty conditions are no exception to this. We where the first company in the UK to offer a 20 year warranty on our vacuum tubes back in 2007; competitors with inferior single wall vacuum tubes and glass to metal sealings have tried to follow our example.


German Engineered & Manufactured Vacuum Tube Collectors 

Unlike our competitors who only offer a 5 year warranty, our CPC INOX manifolds, frames and mounting equipment are guaranteed for a full 10 years, our twin wall glass vacuum tubes are guaranteed for up to 20 years.

We can offer this market leading warranty because of the high build quality and raw materials used within our vacuum collectors which have no moving parts or rubber O rings which are prone to failure within vacuum collectors, our stainless steel pipe registers with CPC INOX models are not susceptible to corrosion by faulty transfer mediums or leaks because they are welded instead of using an O ring seal.


Austrian Engineered & Manufactured Flat Plate Collectors

SOLFEX energy systems offer the State of the Art FK series flat plate collector, this next generation collector is available in two sizes and in landscape and portrait versions, it can be mounted on-roof or in-roof and is available with RapFit push fit hydraulic connections saving valuable installation time. With  market leading efficiency, 10 year warranty and black anthracite finish this collector stands out amongst it competitors.

Prestige Solar Thermal Packaged Solutions

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