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Only Prestige Solar Thermal Components...

Only Prestige Solar Thermal Components...


Pump Groups

Only the highest quality German manufactured pump groups are used within our Prestige Solar Thermal packs and will aide swift installation, the unit comes with a pre mounting wall bracket and all components including pump, air separator, safety valve, flow meter, isolation, check & filling valves, flow & return temperatures gauge and monometer are all inbuilt, the unit is supplied with an insulated stylish case.

Next Generation Solar Thermal Controllers 

German manufactured state of the art Primos solar thermal controller within every Prestige Solar Thermal pack with inbuilt SD card slot and data logging, optional web-module available via Conexio  600 for remote solar thermal controller access & viewing of system data & yield online, additional switching relay outputs for back up heating & also pump speed control.

The controller is supplied with an LCD backlit screen and easy to read pictorial diagrams with simple operation using the four pressure keys.

Overvoltage Protection Kits

An overvoltage protection kit will be supplied with every solar thermal pack to avoid overvoltage damage at the collector PT 1000 sensors.

Unvented Cylinders 

Our cylinders are specifically designed for solar applications in mind, therefore providing an efficient way of providing domestic hot water. Each model features a dedicated high performance solar coil, transferring the maximum amount of heat from the solar circuit to the stored water.

Transfer Medium 

All SOLFEX energy systems Prestige Solar Thermal Packs will include Tyfocor LS pre –mixed transfer medium which has a continuous operating temperature of up to 170°c, no other transfer medium is recommended within our systems.

Discharge Containers 

A Discharge Container will also be supplied with every Prestige Solar Thermal pack, complete with wall mounting screws and valve for emptying provides a safe and convenient method for dealing with any potential discharge from the safety valve.

Expansion Vessel

Only the best will suffice for our Prestige Solar Thermal pack, that is why your solar thermal pack will include a market leading Zilmet expansion vessel & an intermediate vessel with all vacuum tube collector packs, on vessels up to 25 litre you will also be provided with a convenient wall mounting bracket.

Pipework Kits

1st & 2nd Fix Solar Pipework Kits include all brass fittings and are supplied with all our Prestige Solar Thermal Packs and will ensure rapid installation, the first fix pipe work includes 2 x 1 mtr pre-insulated lengths & fittings to connect to the solar collector through the roof & the second fix pack contains 2 x 10 mtr lengths and all the fittings to connect to the pump group and cylinder, the insulation on our DN12 complies with building regulation Part L and has a tough copolymer foil finish which is UV resistant and protects the insulation from mechanical damage.

Detailed Planning, Installation and Maintenance & Operating Guides

All Prestige Solar Thermal Packaged Solutions are supplied with a detailed planning, installation, maintenance & operating guide to aide a swift installation on site. The manuals have been written by qualified solar thermal engineers and list everything from pre-installation requirements, solar system dimensioning, hydraulic circuit layouts and any valve positions, mounting systems and collector fixing requirements, commissioning & maintenance requirements are just a few of the details covered.

Only Prestige Solar Thermal Components...

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