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Ultimate flexibility

With the Alpha+, photovoltaic modules can be easily mounted on pitched roofs of varying types. Through extensive adjustability regarding roof fixings along with a wide assortment of rails, any project can be calculated individually with an optimized selection of components.

Significant savings

Alpha+ has been specifically designed to reduce installation time. A high degree of pre-assembly, intelligent design of the connections and the use of only a few tools help to reduce installation time and cost.

Easy planning within minutes

Our Software allows customers to configure their projects from the comfortof their office. Additional benefits include:

  • Instant site specific static verification based on national norms, providing security for both installer and proprietor.
  • Instant ready-to-order bill of material (BOM) and pricing for a quick turnaround
  • Detailed drawings of the module array and rail plan for secure and easy installation

Your benefits are threefold: Effective planning during the consultation phase, simple installation and increased security throughout the life span of your Mounting System.

Maximum service life

All components are made of extruded aluminium and stainless steel. This choice of material guarantees both full recyclability and a maximum service life due to high resistance to corrosion.


Application Pitched roof -on-roof
Roof Cladding Suitable for most types of roof cladding
Roof Slope Up to 60°
Building Height Up to 20m
PV modules Framed
Module Orientation Landscape, Portrait
Size of module array Any size possible
Position of module array No special requirements
Distance between roof fixing points Up to 2m
Standards Eurocode 1 - Action on structures
Eurocode 9 - Design of aluminium structures
Hooks, small parts Stainless steel (V2A)
Colour Aluminium: plate finish; on request: visible components available in black
Warranty 10 Years
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