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Hitachi Yutaki-M

Hitachi Yutaki-M


The Yutaki-M Monobloc air-to-water heat pump systems are available in capacities of 7.5kW or 14kW.

The Yutaki M can provide domestic hot water and heating and is therefore ideal boiler replacement technology in a suitably insulated home or it can be used alongside an existing heating solution.

It is a compact solution where a single unit is installed on the outside of the property, taking up no space inside.

  • Monobloc air-to-water heat pump system
  • Domestic hot water as well as heating – ideal boiler replacement technology
  • Screed drying function ideal for new builds
  • Weather Compensation Control
  • Generate water up to 60ºC
  • DHW Legionella Protection Program


  Hitachi Yutaki RHUE3  Hitachi Yutaki RHUE6



Power Supply Ø = 1 Ø = 1
V = 230 V = 230
Hz = 50 Hz = 50
Nominal Condition
 Air 7ºC Flow 30/35ºC
Heating Output: 7.5kW Heating Output: 14kW
Electrical Input: 1.69kW Electrical Input: 3.25kW
COP: 4.43 COP: 4.31
 Air 7ºC Flow 40/45ºC
Heating Output: 7.1kW Heating Output: 13.3kW
Electrical Input: 2.13kW Electrical Input: 3.97kW
COP: 3.34 COP: 3.35
 Air -7ºC Flow 30/35ºC
Heating Output: 6.5kW Heating Output: 9.3kW
Electrical Input: 2.71kW Electrical Input: 3.58kW
COP: 2.40 COP: 2.60
 Air -7ºC Flow 40/45ºC
Heating Output: 6.4kW Heating Output: 9kW
Electrical Input: 3.18kW Electrical Input: 4.07kW
COP: 2.01 COP: 2.21
Water Side      Heat Exchanger Type: Multi-Pass Cross-Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Type: Multi-Pass Cross-Finned Tube
Max Permisible Water Press. 10 bar Max Permisible Water Press. 10 bar
Nominal Water Flow Rate: 22lpm Nominal Water Flow Rate: 40lpm
Minimum Water Volume: 100ltrs Minimum Water Volume: 200ltrs
Pressure Drop at Heat Ex: 6.8kPa at Nominal Condition Pressure Drop at Heat Ex: 12.0kPa at Nominal Condition
Pipe Connection: 1” Male Pipe Connection: 1” Male
Fan Info Quantity: One Quantity: Two
Airflow Rate: 68m³/min Airflow Rate: 100m³/min
Output Power: 138W Output Power: 70W + 70W
Refrigerant Side Compressor Type: DC Inverter Driven Compressor Type: DC Inverter Driven
Oil: FVC68D Oil: FVC68D
Compressor Power: 1.38kW Compressor Power: 2.5kW
Refrigerant Type: R410A Refrigerant Type: R410A
Refrigerant Factory Charge: 2.6kg Refrigerant Factory Charge: 4.2kg
Electrical Info Running Current: 7.5A (excludes pump) Running Current: 17.6A (excludes pump)
Starting Current: 10A Starting Current: 10A
Recommended Fuse Size: 25A Recommended Fuse Size: 40A
Sound Info Sound Pressure Level 49dB (A) at 1m from front of unit Sound Pressure Level 52dB (A) at 1m from front of unit
Sound Power Level 68dB (A) Sound Power Level 68dB (A)
Dimensions: 800 x 1250 x 440mm (W x H x D) 1480 x 1250 x 444mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 110kg Net 159kg Net
Operating Range Ambient (A2W): Heating: -20~37.5ºC (WB) Ambient (A2W): Heating: -20~40ºC (DB)
Leaving Water: Heating: 20~60ºC Leaving Water: Heating: 20~55ºC
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