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FS10 – East/West

FS10 – East/West




The FS10 flat roof mounting system comprises just four main components, a
stainless steel crest, an aluminium upright support, a concrete mounting base
and a building protection mat. These robust components boost long-lasting
weather resistance. The PV modules are elevated at an angle of 10°.


System features:

• Pillar-based east/west mounting system with a high degree of installation flexibility
• Accommodates roof-mounted structures and roof pitch better than rail-based systems and generally better equipped to adapt to specific roof conditions
• Rainwater can flow away unimpeded
• Excellent rear ventilation of PV modules for greater yields
• Optional: stable metal pedestal. For use in installations that require less ballast as an alternative to the concrete mounting base
• Optional: prefabricated, self-adhesive building protection mats (coated and uncoated)

Installation advantages:

• Extremely quick and efficient installation of very few components using just one tool, a 13 mm combination wrench
• Innovative module mounting for all frame heights, using a system that grips the module frames from behind
• The system is compliant with the regulations of the German Centre of Competence in Civil Engineering (DIBt (July 2012 notes))
• The structural safety of all components has been verified
• Extremely safe and reliable

Commercial advantages:

• Minimal storage space required due to the low number of system components
• Easy to transport thanks to pre-packed products

FS10 – East/West

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