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Stratified Layering Module SLM 120-S / SLM 200-S

Stratified Layering Module SLM 120-S / SLM 200-S


The SOLFEX Stratified Layering Module connects large scale thermal solar collector installations to large scale buffer tanks. Solar heat is transferred with highly efficient heat exchangers into the buffer system. An intelligent control system takes care of the optimal cooperation of solar and charge pump and ensures high heat transfer rates. On the buffer side the SLM-S units charges the corresponding temperature zone of the buffer tank RPM-regulated and temperature-dependent.

The SOLFEX Stratified Layering Module SLM120-S and SLM200-S allow a temperature dependent charging of the buffer tank. The solar stratified layer method is energyefficient, RPM-regulated and dimensioned for large scale buffer tanks. 

  • highest efficiency due to large dimensioned heat exchangers and RPM regulated charge pump
  • optimized solar gains by the use of intelligent electronic control
  • digital system status display
  • maintenance-free
  • easy installation and control
  • no water parts
  • rugged industrial design
  • stratified layering for large scale systems
  • heat exchanger bypass on the solar side prevents damages due to freezing
  • integrated preventer
  • additional controller outlets
  • data reading connection for statistical use
  • monitoring via modem possible
Possible use:
  • housing areas
  • hotels
  • campgrounds
  • sports facilities
  • hospitals
  • schools
  • swimming baths

Stratified Layering Module SLM 120-S / SLM 200-S

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