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Prestige Heat Pump Packs

Prestige Heat Pump Packs

All SOLFEX energy systems air source heat pump prestige packs are designed with the installer in mind. In order to ensure that installations are as simple and as straightforward as possible, many packs have been hand crafted to allow for around 95% of the components you will require on site. As we only use the highest quality components, which are engineered to compliment the heat pump they are applied to, you can be sure that ordering a SOLFEX prestige pack guarantees you a peace of mind installation.

To further add to your peace of mind, many packs are delivered on a single shipping pallet and packed so as to ensure that they are safe and protected in transit.

SOLFEX energy systems has long held a deserved reputation for promoting only the worlds leading manufacturers in relation to the main equipment we supply. This reputation however does not end at main products. We have, and always will, ensure that only the most suitable and highest quality components are used to compliment our range of Heat Pumps.

Samsung 16KW prestige heat pump pack

When supplying around 95% of the equipment required by an installer on site, we have to be sure that the quality of the components will not negatively influence the installers perception of the main product, or indeed SOLFEX as a whole.

In order to ensure this confidence in our components is well placed, we only source our equipment from Europe. This ensures that we have full traceability back to manufacturer for anything as small as a single brass nipple through to something much larger like a buffer tank.

Our involvement in components does not simply end at sourcing them. SOLFEX are also heavily involved in the design of many of our components. In fact, much of the equipment you will find in our prestige air source heat pump packs can only be purchased through SOLFEX due to our continued and trusted relationship with our existing supply chain.

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