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Prestige Heat Pump Components

Prestige Heat Pump Components

Heat Pumps

Japanese, Korean and UK manufactured heat pumps from some of the biggest brands in the world. Each manufacturer possesses equipment which fulfils a specific requirement in the UK market.


 Samsung Gen 5 heat pumps
Circulation Pump

In order for any of the SOLFEX supplied heat pumps to work correctly, they require a very specific set of controls. Each control kit is designed to be as straightforward to set up and commission as possible.

Filter Ball

Filtration is paramount to ensuring that foreign debris cannot be allowed to enter the heat pumps fine heat exchanger. The Filterball offered by SOLFEX provides a neat form of hydraulic isolation and filtration in one package with
extremely easy maintenance which is unseen on competitor strainers

Anti Vibration Feet

When mounting a heat pump on the ground, it is very important to ensure that it is sufficiently anchored and stable. Providing a separation between property and heat pump is also extremely important to ensure that customers are not adversely affected by noise.

Pre Insulated Flexible Hoses

When installing a monobloc heat pump, one of the biggest issues is ensuring that valuable energy is not lost from the pipework as it exits the heat pump and enters the building. This run may be no more than a metre, but it is extremely important that only the highest quality insulation and flexible hoses are used.

Isolation Valves

The means of hydraulically isolating the outdoor heat pump unit from the rest of the heating system is a task which should only be left to the highest quality isolation valves. SOLFEX full bore lever arm isolation valves ensure the absolute minimum resistance when open, and a secure leak free confidence when closed.


2 Port Valves

2 port valves perform a very simple function; to deny or allow flow. The beauty of our Spanish made valves is in their design. A very simple but effective motorised opening system ensures that unlike many  other 2 port valves, these are flexible enough for a wide variety of heat pumps without the worry of unwanted flow related error codes.

Flow Meter

No heat pump can be accurately commissioned without the use of a specific flow meter. SOLFEX flow meters not only provide an accurate way to measure the flow through the system, but they also provide a means of correctly filling the system through the integrated ¾” flush and fill ports.

Magnetic Filter

Nothing will damage a heat pump’s plate heat exchanger quicker than metallic sludge present in the heating system. All systems should be power flushed prior to connection, but it only takes a few microns of metallic sludge to render a heat exchanger inefficient. SOLFEX magnetic filters are proven in the field to ensure that heat exchangers remain efficient and problem free.

4 pole isolator switch

To protect yourself and your customers, it pays to ensure that electrical isolation is handled by a world leader in electrical switchgear. Our German manufactured isolator switches by Kraus and Naimer are among the best in the world.


Propylene glycol is very important in order to guarantee the continued operation and lifespan of your air source heat pump. For the manufacturers which require glycol to be added to the system as part of their warranty conditions, SOLFEX provide only the most trusted food safe propylene glycol.

Low Loss Headers

In order to ensure that there are no flow issues between the heat pumps hydraulic requirements
and the emitter circuit, in many cases it is advisable to employ a low loss header. One such instance is when utilizing a heat pump on an underfloor heating circuit which requires a difference in flow and return temperatures of 10 degrees, whilst the heat pump circuit will require a 5 degree temperature difference.


In order to ensure that small components are not the cause of negative perceptions towards the heat pump packs or SOLFEX in general, only the best Italian manufactured brassware is included in our packs. All brassware is manufactured to ensure the best possible seal.

Installation specific literature

Together with around 95% of the components you require on site, we also provide comprehensive installation and commissioning instructions for a wide variety of installation types. Whilst generally, installations will be very similar, having a dedicated manual which outlines the specific wiring and controller setup can make a huge difference to an installer in terms of cost and time. All literature is backed up by our internal technical support team should you have any questions.

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