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Filling Stations

Filling Stations

When commissioning a system, it is imperative that a high quality filling and flushing station is used (in conjunction with an appropriate sanitizer solution) in order to ensure that pipework is bacteria and contaminant free prior to final filling. Once bacteria free, a high pressure fill is required to ensure that air does not remain in the system. The Solarcheck Mobilcenter from SOLFEX is perfect for this task.


Rugged Cart

  • Easy to manoeuvre on two large pneumatic wheels - suitable also for uneven building sites or stairs

High temperature-resistant hose

  • High temperature-resistant hose from -40 to 170° C (UNISTAR), up to 60° C (P 80)
  • The practical hose holding device keeps hoses tidy. A well fitting interlocking connector prevents leakage of liquid residues during transport.
     Blocking valve at the tank outlet.

30 Litre Tank

  • Blocking valve at the tank outlet.
  • Tank can be easily removed for cleaning and has a wide opening with screw cap.
  • Tanks are easily interchangeable when using different heat transfer fluids. Replacement tanks can be ordered individually.
  • With optional equipment also suitable for mixing the fluid on-site (if not ready-made medium is used).

Fine Filter

  • Solder-, weld- and other residues are filtered out by an integrated fine strainer when flushing the solar loop.
  • A large inspection window in the filter enclosure allows for detecting bubbles and debris in the tube.

Air Bleed Cock

  • The air bleed cock behind the pump outlet is for emptying the discharge line after use so that it can be easily disconnected from the fittings (only for Solarcheck Mobilcenter with pump UNISTAR).

Filling Stations

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