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Isolation, Regulation & Valves

Isolation, Regulation & Valves

Flow Meter

No heat pump can be accurately commissioned
without the use of a specific flow meter. SOLFEX
flow meters not only provide an accurate way to
measure the flow through the system, but they
also provide a means of correctly filling the system
through the integrated ¾” flush and fill ports.

Isolation Valves

The means of hydraulically isolating the outdoor heat pump unit from the rest of the heating system is a task which should only be left to the highest quality isolation valves. SOLFEX full bore lever arm isolation valves ensure the absolute minimum resistance when open, and a secure leak free confidence when closed.

2 Port Valves

2 port valves perform a very simple function; to deny or allow flow. The beauty of our Spanish made valves is in their design. A very simple but effective motorised opening system ensures that unlike many  other 2 port valves, these are flexible enough for a wide variety of heat pumps without the worry of unwanted flow related error codes.

3 Port Diverter Valve

Our Spanish manufactured 3 port diverter valves are specifically manufactured for use with heat pumps. Being a true diverter valve and not a mid position valve, there is no danger of supplying heating in the middle of summer when the hot water cylinder is being satisfied.

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