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Only the sun gets in

  • In-roof system
  • For framed modules and laminates
  • Innovative technology:
  • PV mounting system without continuous rails
  • Proven materials guarantee:
  • Durability and watertightness
  • One of the market-leading products in France

Flexible applications

Theta readily allows the integration of framed and unframed photovoltaic modules into new and old roofs regardless of the type of roof covering¹.The system is mounted on top of the existing roof battens andreplaces the regular roof cladding.


High impermeability

Thanks to its substructure, the Theta meets the same requirements for water proofing as a conventional roof. The special adapters ensure optimum ventilation while transmitting the occurring loads into the roof structure².


Individual array

The roof can be entirely or partly covered with modules. Essentially, all connected module arrangements and integration of windows³ are possible.


Appealing optics

The Theta blends in harmoniously with the roof skin and creates an aesthetic Module mounting system.


Static reliability assured

Using Mounting Systems‘ configuration software, the material for any standardconfiguration can be calculated in minutes, project-specific, assessable static verification (based on the applicable national norms) included.


Maximum service life

All components are made of extruded aluminium and stainless steel. This choiceof material guarantees both full recyclability and a maximum service life due tohigh resistance to corrosion.

¹ The Theta System is compatible with nearly all conventional types of roofing tile, formwork and slate roofing.
For detailed information, please contact us before you commence planning.
² Complies with German roofing regulations. Any installation must also be in accordance with local roofing
³ Subject to previous checking.


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