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Sigma II

Sigma II

A specialist in the open field

  • Optimal result by optimal using of space
  • Multi-row ramming post system
  • Without soil sealing
  • For all module types
  • Rammed posts and high level of pre-assembly
  • Saves time and money
  • Easy renaturalization of terrain

Extensive flexibility

The Sigma II was designed as a ground mount system for the use of unframedand framed modules. Depending on project requirements different fixations tothe ground are possible like ramming posts or foot plates.¹


Outstanding adjustability

Due to material optimization and static requirements, there are differentversions for the portrait and the landscape installation. In both cases, thePi-rail technology is applied. In landscape orientation the installation of themodules is with a click-system possible. Installing the modules in portraitorientation the proven Quickstone-technologie is used.


Significant savings

Sigma II stands out due to its simple, functional design and the minimalnumber of tools needed for installation. Especially in big projects, thisgenerates considerable savings in installation costs.


Maximum service life

The long service life is an essential characteristic of the Sigma II. The all-aluminiumand stainless steel support design guarantees corrosion resistance and maximum durability.


Well-thought-out ecologically

Due to the ground clearance of the modules and the lack of concretefoundations, Sigma II avoids both the sealing and the desolation of theground. In addition, the system is completely recyclable and enables easyrenaturalisation of the terrain.

¹ Other on demand.

Sigma II

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