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Primos 250

Primos 250

Field of application:

Temperature difference - or target temperature controller,
or multifunctional controller

Functionality Hardware:
Mechanical Data:
  • Variable design housing approx. 176 x 162 x 44mm,
  • protection class IP30, light grey, cover plate Prozeda
  • Illuminated LCD display with pictograms, 60 x 45mm,
  • Centralized operation with 4 pressure keys
Outputs 230V AC:
  • 1 electronic output 230V/AC, min. 10mA, max. 1A, cos. 0,9; with zero crossing switch, fuse protection 2A/T RPM control by block modulation Pump speed control
  • Connections: Screw-type terminals, connectors grid 5,0mm
Outputs low voltage, to control high-efficiency pumps:
  • 1 electronic control output, control signal configurable by software between PWM-digital signal approx. 10V, and analogue signal 0-10V, +/-3%
  • Connections: Screw-type terminals, connectors grid 5,0mm
Outputs potential-free: (auxilliary heating)
  • 1 relay output with potential-free make contact, also suitable for protective low voltage, max. 250V AC/1A
  • Connections: Screw-type terminals, connectors grid 5,0mm
  • 3 temperature sensor inputs for PT1000 sensors
  • Connection: Screw-type terminals, connectors grid 5,0mm
Micro-SD card:
  • 1 Micro-SD card slot
Prozeda-data bus:
  • 1 Prozeda data bus interface


Functionality Software:
  • Temperature difference- or target temperature or multifunctional controller
  • Real time clock
  • Re-cooling function (holiday mode)
  • Loading time storage tank
  • System protection
  • Collector protection
  • Pump protection
  • Anti-freeze protection
  • Energy yield measurement (input of flow rate)
  • Target temperature operation
  • Drain-Back function
  • RPM control
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Manual operation
  • Flow monitoring
  • Tube collector with adjustable enable time slot
  • Multifunctional controller package (Heating, Cooling, delta T, free sensor selection, 3 adjustable time slots for additional functions)
  • Data logging with recording function
  • System specific parameter setup
  • Firmware update
  • Possibility of controllers networking
  • Remote visualisation from any distance (conexio)
  • Remote control from any distance (conexio)
  • 1 piece controller device, sequential packing
  • 1 piece user manual, English
  • 1 data CD-Rom (contains controller specific additional information)
  • 1 piece assembly kit
  • 2 piece PT1000 Store sensor, with PVC-cable, length 2000mm, brass sleeve 6x25mm
  • 1 piece PT1000 Collector sensor, with silicon cable, length 1500mm, brass sleeve 6x25mm

Primos 250

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