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Conexio 600

Conexio 600

Field of application:

Module for visualization and change of system parameters

Functionality Hardware:
Mechanical Data:
  • Variable design housing approx. 176 x 162 x 44mm, protection class IP30, black grey, cover plate Prozeda
  • Illuminated LCD graphic display 160 x 120px
  • Centralized operation with 4 pressure keys
Communication Prozeda-bus:
  • 1 Prozeda data bus interface
  • for network/router/PC
  • for extension conexio-UMTS and conexio-WLAN
Micro-SD card:

card slot for extended data logging and firmware update

  • 1 piece web module conexio
  • 1 piece description network integration
  • 1 piece patch cable CAT5 connection web module-PC/network/router
  • 1 piece assembly kit
Functionality Software (PC):
  • Web server to access via LAN/lnternet with all internet compatible devices and standard browsers (PC, iPhone, iPad, SmartPad, Smartphone, .. )
  • Data logging function with the communication interface Prozeda-bus
  • Web interface with the following functions
  • Automatic update of measurement data
  • Display of sensor inputs
  • Display of the actuators control
  • Yield overview (day, week, month, year)
  • Download of data logging data
  • Activation of data logging functions
  • Display of error messages
  • Sending of error messages via email or SMS-notification
  • Display of system parameters
  • Change of system parameters
  • Transfer of parameter sets
  • Possibility to update the connected controllers with the communication interface Prozeda-bus via internet or
  • Micro SD card
  • User administration with three different user levels to access the controller:- end user I - craftsman / - factory service
  • Integrated online help
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