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Heating Circuit Group

Heating Circuit Group


The Heating Circuit Group is used to connect high / low or both temperature heating circuits to the MESB system tank. It boosts on adjustable constant return flow admixing and is suitable for loading pumps with frontal connections. An EPP insulation and optimized buffer connections are responsible for minimal heat losses.

Technical Data
  1. Ball valve (flow) heating circuit side
  2. Ball valve (return) heating circuit side
  3. Gravitational brake
  4. Overflow valve
  5. Circulation pump HU 15-50
  6. 3-way-mixer Kvs 4,0 m3 /h
  7. Actuator 230 V, 210 s
  8. Bypass choke
  9. Ball valve (flow) tank side G1 ET
  10. Ball valve (return) tank side G1 ET
The SOLFEX-Heating Circuit Unit can be directl attached on to the fresh water system tank MESB. Like the other SOLFEX components, it features the same impressive and clean design and fits perfectly onto the MESB tank in combination with the FHWM-30 module. The Heating Circuit Group takes the hot water required for the heating circuits from the heating zone of the MESB tank and the return is layered back into the according zone of the tank.

Required space:

  • smallest possible block construction
  • nointernal piping
  • minimal external piping, directly attached to the MESB tank


  • plug-indelivery
  • easy installation on MESB tank
  • wall fastening feasible
  • maintenance with out draining of tank and heating
  • impressive and clean design with hidden piping
  • ball valves with flow and return scales


  • big capacity coverage due to mixing unit w ith high Kvs-value =4,0 - 9 kW at !t 10 K - 16 kW at !t 20 K
  • adjustable constant return flow admixing
  • integrated gravitational brake to avoid unintended circulation
  • integrated sensor socket
  • heat insulated design
  • universally fits various heating controls

Additional equipment: Heating module

optional weather compmensation controls pack available

Heating Circuit Group

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