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Planning Design and Support

At SOLFEX energy systems we can also plan, correctly dimension, design & indemnify your proposed solar thermal installation, from a standard small domestic installation to a commercial solar thermal system we offer a one stop solution to your requirements.


When specifying a solar thermal system for any building, key bespoke requirements of the building need to be taken into account such as:

  • Solar Objective i.e. domestic hot water / space heating / swimming pool or combination
  • Location & irradiance levels
  • Occupancy & type of building ( i.e. school / hotel )
  • Daily domestic hot water usage and if there are any periods of building closure
  • Space Heating requirement in Kwh / M2 of property
  • Orientation of collector field & if there are any shading issues
  • Angle of inclination of roof, roof covering material & roof area size
The above are just some of the details we will require to correctly specify and dimension a solar thermal system, SOLFEX energy systems will require you to complete an on-site planning document, and our professional team will then be able to offer you a bespoke speciļ¬cation & TSOL yield projection according to your requirements with a list price quotation subject to discount.

Solar Thermal Engineering

  • Pre-installation & on-site installer support /  consultancy by our trained professionals
  • Project specific & bespoke Auto CAD hydraulic layouts of the proposed solar thermal system.
  • Dimensioning & sizing of each component
  • Pipe sizing and transfer fluid volume
  • Electrical wiring diagrams of the proposed solar thermal system
  • Indemity of the system design and specification
  • Commissioning & on-site installer support throughout installation
Customer Service & Aftersales Support

At SOLFEX energy systems customer support & service does not end when you have purchased & installed your system. Our dedicated internal and external technical support team will ensure your enquiry will be dealt with professionally and within a timely manner.
Dedicated On-Site Support
Our internal team are available to assist in providing system speciļ¬cations, TSOL yield forecast projection & quotations, and our external sales team can also provide on-site technical support to MCS accredited installers and consultants.

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