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Samsung Unveils it's New Ultra high efficiency (UHE) 5th Generation of ASHP’s

Posted: 06-08-2015


Samsung have been producing air source heat pumps for many years, their 5th generation is now being launched in the UK. The range comprises both Monobloc and split type heat pumps.

The Samsung Monobloc range are ultra-compact units, the new 5kW is the smallest in class at just 880mm(W) x 798mm(H) x 310mm(D). The Monobloc range comprises 5, 9, 12, 14 and 16kW models, and 4, 6, 9, 12, 14 and 16kW in the split range.

The new future-proofed Gen 5 range carries the highest possible ERP rating (A+++), making them 2019 compliant today. The range now offers seasonal coefficient of performance well above the MCS standard figure with an impressive SCOP of 4.73 on the 14kW split unit.

With an all internals the unit is quieter by 2dB than its predecessor making it one of the quietest heat pumps on the market.

Utilising off the shelf heating controls the operation of the Samsung range could not be easier, it’s literally as simple to use as a boiler.

The new Samsung EHS units all incorporate DC inverter control allowing modulation down to 10%, Weather compensation, concrete curing function, legionella protection on a daily and weekly basis, hybrid operation and full integration with Immersun systems. A Full remote monitoring package will be available with an optional Wi-Fi control package.

From September, Samsung is also offering an extended warranty option, with all spare parts in stock and can be delivered next day.

For More Information on the next generation Samsung heat pumps, contact our friendly technical sales team at heatpumpsales@solfex.co.uk or call 01772 312 847.

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