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Control your underfloor heating system from anywhere with the new SOLFEX neoStats

Posted: 21-08-2015


We have launched our new range of smart underfloor heating controls, The SOLFEX neoStat, which has been designed as a modern replacement to the standard mains powered thermostat. It gives the ability to create a network with local and remote access, meaning you can control your heating from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.



Stylish & Functional

The neoStat series features an elegant design with flush wall mounting, modern soft touch buttons and an easy to use on screen menu system with a blue backlit display.


Multi Zone Control

The neo network provides a multi zone control for up to 32 rooms. The neoHub coordinates information between each neoStat on the network.

Intuitive Programmable Features

Each neoStat has several programmable modes to suit every need including 5/2 Day, 7 Day and 24 Hour programming with 5min intervals.

Plug & Play

The neoHub has been designed with simplicity in mind, simply plug it into your router and let it do the rest. The neoHub will connect to our cloud servers, and eliminate complex tasks such as port forwarding.

Temperature Hold Facility

The Temperature hold mode will allow you to set a temperature for a specific duration, after which the system will go back into its normal schedule.


Optimum Start up

The energy saving  Optimum Start up learns when you normally get home to ensure the house is warm when you return.


For more information on our neoStat range, click here



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