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Photovoltaic Modules

SOLFEX energy systems are a leading distributor of photovoltaics from the world’s best manufacturers. We supply the modules to projects sized all the way up from a single property to solar power plants...

  • World leading photovoltaic efficiency    
  • High availability from our dedicated distribution centre
  • Fast project turnaround
  • Dedicated project technical advice and support      
  • In house indemnified photovoltaic system designs

photovoltaic modules

Mounting Systems

SOLFEX energy systems supply a wide range of quality mounting systems suitable for your project        

  • On-roof systems   
  • In-roof systems 
  • Systems for ground mounting
  • Project design advice and static calculation

solar module mounting systems

Solar Inverters

SOLFEX energy systems can distribute solar inverters for any size of project and from a range of leading manufacturers in this area.  

  • Micro-inverters  
  • Single-Phase String Inverters 
  • Three-Phase String Inverters
  • Project design advice regarding inverter sizing and optimization.

solar inverters

Energy Monitors

SOLFEX energy systems supply a range of monitoring and control options for solar projects.

  • Wired monitoring stations  
  • Remote monitoring and logging     
  • Wireless connectivity solutions

energy monitors

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