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1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments


Property Type: 58 x 1 & 2 Bedroom Appartments
Location: Shirley, Southampton
Collector: FK Series In-roof
Gross Collector Area: 118.9m2
Solar Storage Tank: 210 Unvented solar twin coil
Solar Objective

Domestic Hot Water to supply multiple apartment units to achieve Code Level 3.

Orchid Homes needed a solution to provide solar thermal hot water in each apartment to achieve code level 3 building regulation, multiple manufacturers were sought to provide the scheme, but SOLFEX energy systems were selected due to the technical ability of large collector arrays to be seamlessly integrated into the roof fabric.

Detailed planning with the client and installer partner was overcome and the development was a major success with up to 60% annually of domestic hot water being provided purely by the solar thermal energy.

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