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Beechcroft Farm Campsite


Property Type: Farm/Campsite
Location: Peak District
Collector: FK Series In-roof
Gross Collector Area: 28m2
Solar Storage Tank: Multi Energy Solar Buffer 1500L
Solar Objective

Installer Peak Eco and there client Beechcroft Farm Campsite needed a renewables solution to cover their substantial hot water requirement & lower their energy costs for the shower blocks and washing facilities, a bespoke solution was designed working alongside Lee Robinson at Peak Eco and roof integrated collectors were chosen due to ascetics purposes. The harvested solar thermal energy is loaded through a stratified loading module into a 2000 litre buffer tank, fresh hygienic legionella free hot water is delivered at up to 225 litres per minute to all buildings outlets providing enough solar thermal generated hot water to cover the entire Summer Months when the camp site is in operation.

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