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Domestic Family Home


Property Type: Detatched Family Bungalow
Location: Lincoln
Collector: CPC INOX Vacuum Tube
Gross Collector Area: 16m2
Solar Storage Tank: Multi Energy Solar Buffer 1000L
Solar Objective

Domestic Hot water with underfloor space heating with surplus energy heating a swimming pool.

A home owner in Lincoln chose SOLFEX energy systems to design a bespoke solution which would maximise the real potential of solar thermal power, CPC INOX vacuum tube collectors were chosen due to the small roof area available and the client wanting to maximise harvesting of solar thermal energy.

The collector feild delivers energy to a 1000 litre stratified buffer tank and domestic hot water is supplied using two fresh water stations which will deliver fresh hygenic legionella free hot water at a rate of 60 litres per minute &  the heating circuits are fed through two heating circuit groups (HKG) which is weather compensated. Surplus energy is diverted to a plate heat exchanger fitted on the swimming pool circuit and the system is controlled and monitored by a Primos 600 Solar thermal controller.

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