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Grange Gorman Hospital


Property Type: Hospital
Location: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Collector: CPC OEM Vacuum Tube Collector
Gross Collector Area: 54m2
Solar Storage Tank: Multi Energy Solar Buffer 4000L
Solar Objective
Potable Hot Water.

This impressive installation was carried out by Euro-fluids of Ireland on behalf of their clients the Grange Gorman Hospital. Over 50M² of CPC OEM vacuum tube collectors were installed on the hospital roof and piped according to the Tichelmann principle. The harvested solar thermal energy was loaded to a 4000 litre buffer tank through a SOLFEX energy systems loading module, fresh hygienic legionella free hot water is supplied through a SOLFEX energy systems commercial fresh water station ( FWM 225 ) and will deliver up to 225 litre per minute.


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