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Luxury High Rise Apartments


Property Type: Luxury high rise apartments
Location: Imperial wharf / Chelsea Harbour
Collector: CPC OEM Vacuum Tube Collector
Gross Collector Area: 9.2m2
Solar Storage Tank: 300 litre with secondary circulation
Solar Objective

Located in one of the most sought after locations on the north bank of the River Thames, adjacent to Chelsea Harbour, Imperial Wharf is London's premier riverside address.

The solar thermal installation was installed in the new office complex for the main developer, St George, and supplies their hot water for showering / washing facilities; the developer is committed to the creation of sustainable energy efficient communities & building practices.

The installation itself was a challenge due to an 85 meter pipe run between the collector field and storage vessel so an increased collector area was added to overcome the heat loss within the pipe work and the correct high efficiency pump was selected within the pump group to overcome increased pressure loss across the pipe work system. Due to the height of the building, increased ballast was also used to prevent against wind loads. The installation was completed within 2 days by the professional Evo-Energy Team who are part of the SOLFEX energy systems Installer Partner Program.


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