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Housing Association Sheltered Accomodation


Property Type: 2x 20 bedroom sheltered blocks
Location: Colwyn Bay
Collector: FK Series In-roof
Gross Collector Area: 32m2
Solar Storage Tank: Bespoke Stratified 2000 litre buffer storage in each block
Solar Objective

Domestic Hot Water and Back-Up Space Heating Support.

When Cartefi Conway, the registered social landlord decided to renovate two sheltered accommodation blocks in North Wales, through there contractors PH Jones they contacted SOLFEX energy systems about the possibility of installing a solar thermal system in order to meet the residents hot water demand and lower their overall energy costs.

SOLFEX energy systems presented a unique design comprising of 32M² of on roof flat plate collectors for each of the two properties.

The harvested solar thermal energy is loaded into a bespoke stratified 2000 litre buffer tank through stratified loading module ( SLM ). A commercial fresh water station ( FWM 225 ) delivers fresh hygienic legionella free hot water to all the outlets within the sheltered accommodation block and the thermal energy can also be used within the space heating circuit.

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