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Luxury High Rise Apartments


Property Type: Luxury high rise apartments
Location: London, Financial District
Collector: CPC INOX & OEM 21 Vacuum Tube
Gross Collector Area: 90m2
Solar Storage Tank: Multi Energy Solar Buffer 5000L


Solar Objective
District Heating Communal System with Heat
Interface Units.



Mala Engineering needed a solar thermal solution with important planning & design considerations to be achieved so approached SOLFEX energy systems for expertise, firstly due to important planning restrictions some of the collector field needed a horizontal vacuum collector which would restrict the appearance of the solar panel field behind a parapet wall, the OEM 21 was chosen for exactly this reason along with the CPC INOX on another area of the roof which was concealed.

Engineering design by SOLFEX energy systems delivered a solution utilising a stratified layering module ( SLM 120 ) to load a purpose designed and manufactured 5000 litre stratified buffer tank which fed each apartments heat interface unit. The solar thermal system is connected to the internal building management system and is currently delivering more energy than anticipated by the initial solar thermal design software.


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