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Ryedale Public Swimming Pool


Property Type: Public Swimming Pool
Location: Pickering, North Yorkshire
Collector: FK Series In-roof
Gross Collector Area: 90m2
Solar Storage Tank: Plate Heat Exchanger
Solar Objective

Rising energy costs and the newly introduced, government backed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments were the key drivers for Ryedale District Council when they recently undertook a planned boiler replacement and decided to utilise the power of solar energy to heat Ryedale Pool in Pickering as part of the package of measures.

SOLFEX energy systems was contacted by Ecoliving with a brief and in conjunction with Preston Lee Chambers building services consultancy plans were put in place to design and cost the large scale solar thermal system.

Flat plate collectors were chosen due to the collector field orientation being due South with no shading and the excellent price performance ratio.

The installation consists of 2 rows of 21 flat plate solar thermal panels, connected in series seven at a time on the facility’s flat roof. It is integrated with 2 gas boilers and a CHP (combined heat & power) unit controlled by a BMS system.

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