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The Enlighten monitoring software provides an unprecedented level of intelligence to solar power system owners and installers.

Unlike conventional monitoring systems, which only monitor the inverter, Enlighten is continuously monitoring the health and performance of the entire system.

Enlighten's web-based analytics will identify and alert owners and installers to any deviation in performance, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance.


  • Multiple viewing modes and mobile device support
  • Automatically identifies and diagnoses issues
  • Remote troubleshooting and updates


For Owners

Performance information can easily be viewed "at a glance" or in detail, including graphs, totals by day/week/month/lifetime, and time-lapse videos. Enlighten can also be accessed by web-enabled mobile devices.


For Installers

Solar installers have access to a specialized form of Enlighten that allows you to view and manage all your installations in one place. The Installer Dashboard offers a range of information widgets that can be added, removed and customized. Key widgets include:

  • Power and Energy Monitoring: Monitor the real-time performance of all your systems, or a selection of systems, in one spot. Create groups of systems based on location, size or whatever criteria you desire.
  • Maintenance Alerts: Monitor and manage the maintenance needs of an entire fleet of systems through one simple widget.
  • Installations in Progress: Eliminate the guesswork for installations in progress. This widget tells you exactly what's happening out in the field.
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