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Omniksol 3k/4k/5k TL2

Omniksol 3k/4k/5k TL2

Expertly Built by Omniks R&D team, the second generation Omniksol inverter not only includes all advantages of conventional Omniksol inverter, but also boasts a smaller volume, higher conversion efficiency, better heat dissipation, longer service life and a friendly human interface.
  • Max. Efficiency 98.2% , Euro. Efficiency 97.5%
  • 2 MPPT Trackers To ensure to reach the maximum output power
  • Wide DC input range (120-590 Vdc), compatible with different module
  • Disturbed flow fan insider to make sure lower ambient temperature and longer use life
  • IP 65 design, Smaller volume, lighter weight, the inverter only 16 kg.
  • Multiple monitoring methods, New human interface, touch key design, LCD visible at night
  • New human interface, touch key design, LCD visible at night
  • 10 years warranty(5~15 years as option)



High Efficiency

2 MPPT design and tracking accurate up to 99.9%, the Omniksol-TL2 series inverters have more flexibility and effectiveness. All rooftop areas can be used for generating, as it also could minimize the capacity consumption due to shade hiding. Max. Efficiency is up to 98.2%, Euro efficiency 97.5%, which means more transmission power than others solar devices.


High Reliability

Omnik new energy was founded in Germany by world leading engineers. Thanks to this Omnik inverters are well known for their high efficiency, high quality and high reliability, complying with the VDE-AR-N-4105,VDE 0126-1-1,G83/1,UTE C15-712-1,AS4777,NB/T 32004-2013,CEI 0-21,etc. product repair rate is less than 1%.


High Stability

Omnik inverters high quality casing provides the best protection for the inside electronic components. IP65 protection certified, it can be installed and run safely in the indoor and outdoor. Even under harsh environments, it always creates a best working condition for you.


Innovative & Smart Monitoring

Each inverter is equipped with RS485, RS232, USB and Ethernet interface, with optional wifi and GRPS Kits available. The free monitoring software allows you to view the PV station output data and public grid power supply.


Convenient Operation

Each Omnik inverter has an exquisite graphic display, which will show all the relevant information and settings within 24h (Regardless of the inverter operation or shutdown ) Even after sunset, you could also check the device data and feel comfortable to use it by the user interface and visual display.


Easy to Install

The Characters of Omniksol-TL2 series inverters are exquisite, portable and small. The plug-in system integration makes it easy for installation. The Omnik inverter was designed with ergonomics in mind, making it easy to pick up and to mount with the wall.

Good Heat-dissipation, Low Noise

WIth their intelligent cooling system, the Omniksol Inverters can still maintain excellent heat dissipation in a hot environment, ensuring the best possible performance. The smart cooling system effectively discharges heat outside of the casing allowing for a fan free design, meaning less noise.

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